590: Buy Your Car an iPhone

  • Pre-show: Marco’s fans
    • Peltier plate
    • Marco’s mount
      • The alternative stronger cooler
    • Cooler only, without charging
  • Follow-up:
    • Snapdragon X actually runs at 45 TOPS (via sciwizam)
    • Justin Long shills for Qualcomm
      • Commercial
      • Snapdragon Computex Keynote
      • Previously, for Intel
      • Apple’s M1 ad with John Hodgman (“PC”)
      • Gruber’s take
      • Jason on macOS permissions dialogs
    • Windows Recall is a security “disaster”
      • Steal everything in two lines of code
    • AMD enters the AI chat
    • Intel’s new Lunar Lake CPUs
    • When Apple said “The M2 iPad Air has 10 GPU cores” they really meant “9 GPU cores”
      • Performance wasn’t affected though
    • How LLMs learn
      • Retrieval-augmented generation (via Adeiko)
        • Problems with RAG
        • Research paper
      • On ∞ context (via Stephen Tierney)
        • Research paper
  • WWDC Preview
    • Read my lips: no new hardware
    • Developer app immersive environment
    • OpenAI deal
    • XCTest
    • Fluent Assertions
  • Ask ATP:
    • Any chance the expected late-2024 M4 MacBook Pro gets Thunderbolt 5? (via James)
    • Any chance we’ll get 16GB RAM in the eventual M4 MacBook Air? (via David Martin)
    • Could the lack of cellular Mac be because there’s no Apple modem? (via Winnie Lewis)
  • Post-show Neutral: Kid cars, revisited
    • ATP Neutral: Car shopping
      • Casey’s Wireless CarPlay adapter
  • Members-only ATP Overtime: Apple’s in-car dreams are a bit of a 🎢
    • Mercedes says “nothx”
      • Decoder episode
    • Polestar says “maybes”
      • Decoder episode
    • Apple 🤝 Rivian?
      • Digitimes (Paywalled)

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