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The child, who narrates the story, kisses Abuelita goodbye. Then Daddy and the little one head to the ranch on his motorcycle. They greet their horses: a shiny black mare called Power for Daddy and a spunky brown pony named Clover for the child. They ride their horses through the quiet streets of the city, and the child relishes Daddy’s undivided attention as well as the thrill of being the only ones awake. Daddy tells stories about learning to ride as a child, and they see the city begin to wake up. Feeling safe, strong, and happy, the child beams with pride. As the sun rises, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, the bond between father, child, and their beloved horses is illuminated, and the narrator declares them both cowboys. Seales’ quiet yet energetic text brims with details sure to resonate with children, while Esperanza’s richly textured oil paintings breathe life and movement into each page. Vibrant colors and abstract design embellishments convey the immense pleasure and freedom felt by both father and child as they connect over horseback riding.

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