The News Book Riot Covered This Week

Today in Books rounds up news links from places from other than Book Riot, but we also cover news on the site, so here are the news stories we wrote about last week. Plus: a grab-bag of links that didn’t make into the regular daily sends, but still are worth a click.

How Alabama Library Supporters Took Action and You Can, Too

The work is long. It is tiring. It is at a high personal cost. We’ve got enough awareness campaigns and resources. We know that in the last four years, how to fight book bans and challenges hasn’t changed — you need to vote, you need to show up to board meetings (and/or be involved on the board if possible), you have to get into your elected officials’ ears, you need to stay on top of the news, and then, choose one more thing if time and energy permit. One of those choice things might be getting involved with groups who can collaborate on a bigger mission than can be accomplished by an individual alone.

Surprise! A New HUNGER GAMES Book Is Coming

Did you anticipate another addition to the world of The Hunger Games? Whether you did or did not, there’s news to be had. On March 18, 2025, we’ll be able to go back to Panem in Suzanne Collins’s fifth entry into the series, Sunrise on the Reaping.

The 2024 International Thriller Awards

Thrillers continue to be among the most popular books in the world right now. Whether you’re a longtime reader or eager to dip your toes into the genre, an excellent place to turn to are the International Thriller Award winners. This year, the prizes were announced at Thrillerfest XX on June 1.

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