We Want to Know: What’s Your Favorite Sandwich in New York City?

This week, the Food team at The New York Times shared an in-depth look at “57 Sandwiches that Define New York City.” And while there are tons of fun details and a mixture of different sandwich styles throughout, there are always more great sandwiches to be enjoyed.

So, we’re turning the mic over to our voracious readers and asking for your favorite sandwiches the city. Is it the deli sandwich you enjoyed every day after school? Or is it a well-kept secret sandwich that you’re finally ready to share with the world? Maybe it’s simply another sandwich on the menu at one of the 57 restaurants highlighted on our list.

Whatever the case, we want to hear from you; just fill out the form below. We’ll read every submission and contact you if we’re interested in publishing yours. We won’t publish any part of your submission without reaching out to you and hearing back. We also won’t use your contact information for any reason other than to follow up with you, nor will we share it outside our newsroom. Thanks!

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